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Using Brain Plasticity

Using Brain Plasticity

As a Certified NeuroHorizons® Experiential Movement and Neuroscanbalance® Practitioner, l offer Experiential Movement Lessons for children facing a wide range of congenital conditions, birth traumas, injuries, and genetic challenges. These are gentle and spacious yet directed movement sequences, which help the child's nervous system become more aware of the whole self, including the many inter-relationships among bodyparts and functions. This attention activates the childs' native capacity for neural plasticity, and results in new skills, options, and ease with the tasks of daily living.

Neural networks

No matter the developmental challenge, a child is almost always receptive and adaptive when it comes to creating new "neural networks" and "maps" that can eventually displace some older patterns and habits that no longer serve.

In a nutshell: a short summary about my work (german)

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The NeuroHorizons Method is considered a learning approach, and the sessions are referred as lessons. A lesson lasts 30 to 45 minutes – a lesson is about the amount of new information the system can make use of rather than the duration.


Adult and children: 70€ per lesson, in Stuttgart or Isny/Allgäu. Lessons for children: these are individual lessons, parents are welcome and encouraged to attend and observe.


Over 3 consecutive days your child will receive 6 lessons, 2 lessons per day, giving the child ample time for learning and change.

From Tuesday to Thursday in Stuttgart,
or Friday to Sunday in Isny/Allgäu.

Intensives: 400€

Intensives with our team

Over 3 consecutive days your child will receive 9 lessons, 3 lessons per day. 3 practitioners will give your child lessons from Friday to Sunday in Isny/Allgäu.
An intensive with our team: 500€