About the method NeuroHorizons®

Designed especially for Children with Special Needs (but empowering for everyone), NeuroHorizons® Experiential Movement® is a focused interpretation and
synthesis of the original teachings of Dr. Moshé
Feldenkrais. Our method is often transformative for kids with developmental challenges. As a Certified NeuroHorizons® Experiential Movement Practitioner, I offer Experiential Movement Lessons for children facing a wide range of congenital conditions, birth traumas, injuries, and genetic challenges. These are gentle and spacious yet directed movement sequences, which help the child’s nervous system become more aware of the whole self, including the many inter-relationships among body parts and functions. Therefore we use movement to communicate with the brain and to enhance

This attention activates the childs’ native capacity for neural plasticity, and results in new skills, options, and ease with the tasks of daily living. No matter the developmental challenge, a child is almost always receptive and adaptive when it comes to creating new „neural networks” and „maps” that can eventually displace some older patterns and habits that no longer serve.



Kerstin at a Supervision with Sylvia Leiner Shordike

Neural Plasticity

What makes our approach different than some others is our acknowledgement that, as compassionate caregivers, we „often feel the urge, but can never successfully do it to’ or ,do it for’ the child.” So, rather than strive to „fix” or „manage” a child’s developmental challenge or disability, we instead „invite the child’s brain and nervous system to discover and embrace new, empowering, and enduring ways to meet the world. With this gentle approach, children create for themselves something that wasn’t there before, on their own terms and timetable. This is an organic, unforced process arising from within the child. We help elicit and frame this native exercise of neural plasticity, but we cannot impose or control it.” (The NeuroHorizons Primer, pp. 2, 21)



Sylvia Leiner Shordike

The Neurohorizons Primer

“Nothing is permanent about our behavior patterns except our belief that they are so.” 

Moshe Feldenkrais